Respect the Natives

Mana started as a movement to better our own lives.  We wanted to do what we love and love what we do.  Our goals have been simple from the beginning; great products, exceptional quality and affordable prices. 

When people from opposite sides of the country come together great things happen.  In this case, Hawaii and Rhode island. Hawaii gives inspiration to the name and Rhode Island brings passion for catching anything on a fly.  Both having a deep rooted love and respect for the water - MANA was born.

Growing up in the smallest state, affectionately known as "Lil Rhody," we were privileged to be surrounded by quality fishing opportunities.  Just a short drive can get you to local trout fishing in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.  Lake Erie and Ontario tributaries are well worth the reasonable six hour drive; a short drive for any true steelheader.

Our summers are spent relentlessly stripping for linesides along our 400 miles of coastline.  Once our state fish migrates out, we load up the van and obsess over the hunt for Chrome.  

Whether your game in stripping for stripers, dead drifting/swinging for steelhead or sending out a dry to grab that native trout, we have what you need.  We understand that feeling you get when your line goes tight and the reel starts screaming.  Our small company strives to create products that allow you to fish harder for longer.  More time on the water means more opportunity to catch fish.